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Who We Are

‘Resilience Together Association Inc’ is a registered non-profit organization. We collaborate and engage with government agencies as well as both professional and community organisations.

Our Missions

  1. To build community resilience particularly for people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds; 
  2. To enhance personal resilience in the forms of mental and physical resilience; 
  3. To strengthen our environmental resilience in terms of carbon footprint reduction 

Resilience Together Association welcomes everyone.  We believe that our diverse ethnic backgrounds makes our nation even more special.  They add vibrancy to the Australian community and enrich our culture.  Resilience Together’s unique capability means the association is well-positioned to cater for the needs of the people from diverse linguistic and ethnic backgrounds.

Our Committee

The committee is consisted of a group of professionals who are passionate and skilled in driving positive change.  Together, we have decades of successful track records in a wide range of fields, such as legal, education, finance, journalism, science…  We are now channeling our experience and energy into Resilience Together in building positive impact for our community. 

President  –  Ms Sarah Lin

As a champion for individual and environmental resilience, Ms Sarah Lin is highly committed to fostering community resilience and raising awareness of the importance of mental and physical well-being. She is dedicated to promoting the principles of resilience, empathy, and social connectedness to enhance the quality of life of those who require support and advocacy.

Sarah is a Justice of Peace (NSW), a qualified actuary and hold a Master of Commerce Degree from University of NSW.  With two decades of successful career in business management, insurance/reinsurance and consultancy areas across Australia, SE Asia, UK, Germany and Switzerland, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as President of Resilience Together Association.  Together with a group of talented and like-minded people, she is committed to fulfilling their mission to build a resilient and thriving community in Australia.

Legal Advisor – Ms Margaret Koh

Ms Margaret Koh has been the founder and principal of KL International Lawyers since 2014. Her practice areas are Corporate, Property and Projects, Commercial transactions and developments, Leases, commercial litigation, Migration, and Family Law.

Margaret graduated with a Bachelor of Law from the prominent Australian National University in Canberra. She was admitted as a lawyer at the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory in 2005 and the High Court of Malaysia in 2008. Margaret is an international lawyer who can practice in both Australia and Malaysia.

Margaret has 18 years of legal practice in Sydney and Canberra, including five years at a prestigious and long-established law firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has multilingual skills in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, and Other Chinese Dialects.

In addition to her professional legal work, she is deeply passionate about promoting resilience and well-being. She has a soft spot for victims of domestic violence and is enthusiastic about cancer research. Hence, she has taken on the role of Legal Advisor in support of the work of the Resilience Together Association, which aligns with her philosophy of empowering individuals and communities to thrive in the face of challenges.

Secretary – Ms Wing Lam

As a proactive and dedicated individual, Ms Wing Lam has many years of experience in the field of education and business management in Australia, China and Hong Kong.  She holds a master of Commerce Degree from University of Western Sydney.  Currently, she serves as the Secretary for Resilience Together Association, a non-profit organization that focuses on helping communities build resilience and overcome adversity.

Throughout her career, she has developed a strong passion for community engagement and have committed myself to support those in need. As the Secretary for Resilience Together Association, she works closely with the committee members of the association to develop and implement strategic plans to achieve our objectives.

She is deeply committed to the cause of building stronger and more resilient communities, and is proud to be a part of Resilience Together Association’s mission.

Treasurer – Ms Ann Shi

Ms Ann Shi has over 20 years of HR experience as a company executive. Ann now uses her expertise to contribute to the community as a committee member for Resilience Together Association. She is passionate about building a more resilient and sustainable society, and her experience in finance and HR has helped her in this mission.

As the treasurer for the Resilience Together Association, she brings her financial acumen and strategic vision to contribute to the organization’s success.

Communication and Engagement Officer – Ms Julie Chong

Ms Julie Chong is a writer, presenter, trainer, holistic music and speech teacher, documentary filmmaker, event manager and project manager. She has broad research, organisational and strategic skills gained in government, corporate, media, education and arts sectors.

Julie has engaged in community, not for profit committee work throughout her career to deliver professional, educational and cultural events including: Junior Chamber International Australia, Chinese Youth League of Australia (CYL, a social support organisation founded by her grandfather in Sydney, 1939), Chinese Australian Historical Society, Chinese Heritage Association of Australia, Tuggeranong Community Festival, Eisteddfods (National, United Music Teachers, Central Coast), and NSW History Week (Sydney Chinese history talk and screening of iconic 1946 film ‘Indonesia Calling’).

During her media career, Julie aired in radio broadcasts with CBAA news network, SBS, commercial radio, ArtSound FM, and 2RPH (news reading service for those with vision disability). Julie produced a documentary film on Australian fashion with SBS TV. She was commissioned by the (former) South Sydney City Council for two film documentaries: Cuisine on the Green (1997), ethnic cultures of food, music and dance which included Serbian, Greek, Lebanese, rock and jazz performers, and the Mascon II Festival (1998) with artist workshops and giant puppet night parade. Julie worked with CYL to deliver Chinese lion dance, Cantonese opera, traditional dance and street parade events.

Julie’s approach to teaching piano to K – 12 and adults, gives her insight to tap into an individual’s cognitive, behavioural, intellectual, emotional, physical and social attributes of this left-right brain, music-making, hands-on activity.

As Executive Officer of the Canberra International Music Festival, Julie spearheaded an extensive marketing audience survey to develop and grow the Festival, to successfully sustain government funding and grants for long-term viability. Julie’s work with embassy supported Festival concerts in Canberra, led to connection with multicultural communities.

Committee Member – Mr Alan Lau

Mr Alan Lau is the founder of Velocity Empowerment, a social enterprise tackling the issues of sexual and domestic violence through Emotional, Mental, and Physical Self-defence. The core purpose of the enterprise and program is to increase the self-confidence, worth, identity, value, and resilience of participants, in order to reduce the risks of entering into an abusive relationship. Alan combines his experience as a life coach and 25 years of Taekwondo training and instructing to create a holistic self-defence program.

Alan is also an experienced health & well-being coach, mindset coach, and personal trainer, who will bring valuable experience to Resilience Together in the areas of Emotional, Mental, and Physical Resilience. Alan is a passionate Sydney Swans supporter, loves snowboarding, travelling, and meeting like-minded purpose-driven individuals and organisations.

Committee Member – Ms Kah Wah Wee

Well-being, resilience and a desire to help others are all part of Ms Kah Wah Wee.  She is passionate about creating a community that is accessible to everyone through combating racism and other forms of discrimination, especially those with disabilities or members of underrepresented groups.

Kah Wah graduated from the UK with a bachelor degree in Marketing & Advertising. She is a founder of a company with 20 years of proud history in lending customer services to some Global Financial Institutions.  She migrated to Australia from Malaysia 20 years ago.  She is a mum, an enthusiastic football player, loves music, cooking, traveling and meeting new people. 

As part of the Resilience Together Association committee, she believes that we can raise awareness and build a resilient community.

Leader of Family Harmony Chapter – Ms Joyce Yuan

Ms Joyce Yuan is currently a dedicated mother of two young children, and an active volunteer, advocating for quality education, family harmony, equal opportunity, and diversity inclusion. Joyce strongly believes in the powerful role that education plays in building awareness and strength in the community, particularly among the younger generation, to effect longer lasting positive outcomes in these areas.

After graduating from the University of Sydney with a First-Class Honours Degree in Finance, Joyce worked at a global investment bank in Hong Kong for more than a decade, providing financial solutions to clients across Asia. Throughout her career, she was a strong proponent of meritocracy and fair treatment in the workplace. Joyce applies her financial knowledge to assist women who have been disadvantaged by poor financial literacy.

Joyce plays the piano, loves traveling to new places, and spending quality time with her family and friends. 

Leader of Volleyball Chapter – Ms Chaoying Guo

Ms Chaoying Guo is a professional volleyball athlete turned professional coach who graduated from Beijing Sport University. She is an accredited coach in volleyball and has been devoted her work to popularise Light Volleyball in the Culturally And Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities. In the past 5 years, Coach Guo has reshaped the physical health and boosted the confidence of nearly 1,000 Chinese Australians.  She was one of the finalists for ‘2023 NSW Women’s Contribution Awards’.   Jointly with Resilience Together Association, she looks forward to helping a diverse group of people in boosting their mental and physical fitness through sports.

Deputy Leader of Volleyball Chapter – Mr George Long

Mr George Long is an accredited Light Volleyball coach by the Australian Light Volleyball Association.  With his natural passion and exceptional capability in sports, he and his volleyball teams have won many competitions by schools and local governments.  After moving to Australia more than 30 years ago, he converted his volleyball skills to Light Volleyball.  in 2021, he completed the Australian Light Volleyball Association’s coaching course with first-class certificate and has been professionally coaching ever since.

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